Living The Hobbies during Pandemic Covid-19

Islamic Boarding School (pesantren) is one of the crucial institutions need to shut down in Coronavirus outbreak. Later than any Asian and European countries, Indonesia has officially imposed the pyshical and social distancing policy since mid of March in order to contain Covid-19 widespread. Following the health regulation that government formed to fight this pandemic, Al-Tsaqafah Islamic Boarding School as well as all of the Islamic Boarding Schools in Indonesia closed their whole activities and sent all students including pesantren staffs back to home on  March 16. Nevertheless, teaching-learning activities were not stopping to continue. Pedagogy format was transformed into virtual form. It was definitely challenging not only for students, but particularly also the teachers.

As teachers were demanded to adjust their teaching method by using online technology, we were also encouraged to manage a creative study process for students when studying at home. Besides technical issues about phone credit and internet connection they were suffering, I also found some difficulties to create an attractive English teaching method. Thus, I preferred to prioritize a practical study that would be exciting for students. Being stuck at home with whole family grappling their own bustle was a tough condition for them. They need something fun in learning to make them feel more relaxed and happier. Teenagers are easily get bored, we all know it. At the moment, I thought it was the right time to look back what does the learn mean. Students must know and realize that they could learn anything in anywhere. While staying at home during quarantine days, they are much possible to use their daily activities as a learning medium. So, for my English exercise I picked up the topic from their own hobbies as the entry point to learn.

Here are some interesting stories about my students’ hobbies during pandemic. They are in Eleventh Grade. All photos and stories they created as a part of ‘studying from home’ activities. I have chosen them based on the creativity, commendable, and meaningful value for their own lives, especially in this tough situation. In honest, almost all of the stories are worthy to share, but I only selected those which will have good impact for their personal growth as a learner. Hobby is about passion, dedication, and sometimes ambition. Students can gradually develop their skill and sensibility through their creative hobbies. Kindly please check this out, then you will get inspired.



Annisa S. Kaafi,

During Covid-19 pandemic, I sometimes spend my time drawing and colouring pictures. This has been my hobby since my childhood age, but before the pandemic I rarely do it because of my tight schedule in Islamic Boarding School. Now, I do my hobby again to eliminite the boredom while staying at home for my whole time.






Fauziah Auliah

My hobby is reading book. I like novels, comics as well as motivational books. I started having this hobby when I firstly stayed in Islamic Boarding School. For me, reading is not a boring activity, we can gain much insight and any new things that we haven’t known before. Through reading we will get more understanding about humans and this life.






Ali Akbar Kamil

In quarantine days, I spend times to learn about photography and videography because in my opinion we will need those skills in the future. That’s why this becomes my hobby. When someday I enter the university, besides learning on campus, I also think photography and videography are the important talents that will be useful.





Husnul Mariyah

I found much pleasure gardening while staying at my home. I usually do watering and taking care of my plants every morning and before sun goes down. Those are some activities during this quarantine period that I do to pass my days.





Fahma Mufida

The quarantine period caused by Covid-19 has led me to new hobby and new talent. I love creating various snacks and milkshakes in the kitchen. Now, I often spend my time in that place which I don’t like it before. This hobby just suddenly came up  in myself. I hope this pandemic will pass soon and all of us can get back to our usual activities, whether it’s a working or studying.





Fikri Khairul Lisan

Almost everyday in the morning I wake up and immediately get ready to exercise. I usually go jogging up to 1 kilometer. Not only jogging, I also regularly do skipping, sit up, push up, etc. I do exercise to make my body healthier, especially on this Covid-19 pandemic period that has been spread out around the world. Exercising can strengthen our immune system, so it will be resistant towards any virus.




Asyad Abror

During the Covid-19 outbreak, even at home, some activities are still same like when I was in the Islamic boarding school. Only staying at home, without any friends, cannot go outside to play, of course make me feel bored. So, I decided to continue my habit in memorizing Qur’an to take my boredom away. I can do it at home whenever I get bored, sad, or dizzy. We should keep our body healthy, that’s why we also should keep our heart happy.





Nadya Qolbin Nadhif

While staying at home I have a new hobby, that is learning to speak Korean language.  Started from my hobby watching K-Pop series, I’m so interested in understanding their language. Therefore, I finally learnt Korean autodidact by watching video lessons on Youtube. First, I learnt about basic Hangeul letters, then practised reading the Hangeul, writing and making sentences. In addition, not only I love listening to Korean songs to improve my Korean ability, but also translating the lyrics to find out the meaning.




Adib Rofiudin

Like a dream but this what’s happening now. Covid-19 has suddenly and totally changed the world. We cannot do our activities as usual. We must stay at home; study from home, work from home, everything handled from home. For student like me, this situation makes me so bored. No more friends I can laugh, study, or play with. Thus, I tried a new hobby, that is go fishing to release my boredom and recharge my spirit. It made me relaxed for a moment, while I’m having to finish my stacks of school tasks.




Putri Hasna Nurhanifah

During pandemic, my new hobby at home is online selling. I used my spare time in the break of studying to help my parents’ job. We actually have a homemade food business for a living. Delicious in taste and attractive in looking, we creatively make it to promote our products via online. By helping my parents, I was not only lowering their burden, but also earning my own little income to buy internet quota for myself. So, I can keep on learning from home as well as finishing online school task from my teachers.